Naz Knight’s Poetry

“I never chose to write; words chose me to be their writer”.

Naz Knight’s poetry, art and writing testifies to her unique relationship with words.  Consequently, her books and performances are powerful, intimate collections of poems, prose and artwork, that have a transformative effect. As Naz invites you to view her world as she tries to become all she wants to become; as she pursues a changeless sense of who she is; where she has come from and seeks to reach the place she wants to go.

As a result of being an interdisciplinary artist; her practice is comprised of the exploration of the contrasting yet interconnected elements of:- light, projection, sound and movement to transform and connect people and spaces; therefore Naz Knight’s poetry delivers messages across all levels of awareness.


“A living language written in beauty and adorned in truth”

From Eve Ov Luton (Evolution) by Naz Knight.

A single line that summarises her perfectly; a word mechanic, whose fluid, inspirational writing style appeals to the inner idealist in her audience.  Her creativity, insight and inspiration has had a real impact on the world.

Whilst building her company NINE RED Presents… (CIC) she worked on combining the expressive arts of:- Poetry as therapy, Digital Art as therapy and movement as therapy; ensuring her work emphasizes healing and is transformative of both people and space. Naz’s work attempts to create feeling spaces and explore what it is to be human; going beyond superficial differences and artificial labels such as:- colour, race, religion, gender, age, ability, etc instead focusing on compassion, empathy, appreciation and joy, from which healing naturally occurs.

Informed by understanding the historical interconnected nature of medicine and the arts; Naz’s work explores and heals emotions through combining the poetry therapy, digital art therapy and movement therapy branches of expressive arts.

A word mechanic, whose fluid, inspirational writing style appeals to the inner idealist in her audience.  Her creativity, insight and inspiration has had a real impact on the world. 

Words As Energy

Naz has described her writing as an indescribable energy that grows inside her and manifests itself in the form of words, art & movement.   This explosion of energy manifested itself for the first time at the age of 3; before she could formulate written prose.  Naz had the ability to view and interact with the world in a completely innovative way.

Often misunderstood by adults and her peers and habitually accused of speaking in riddles, Naz found solace in words – (Wordplay, Linguistics, Phonetics, Lexigrams etc).  In this way she formed a unique understanding of words, to her each word is alive with its very own story for her to tell.

It is this energy that inspires Naz to do much of the very varied work that she does.  Drawing from her own personal experiences and view of the world, anyone who has seen her perform, or the work she does with NRP, can testify to the vibrant energy that glows inside her and spills out into the world.

Wild and free-spirited, Naz is an artist without definition, an exceptional artist crossing over the boundaries of an array of art forms, from spoken word to drama & dance; from digital photography to graphic art; from writing & directing to film and DVD producing.  An artist producing sound with vision, Naz, her Art and Nine Red Presents are truly art undefined!

Name My S-elf!

Each of her two names have their own identity and personality.  Naz derives from her middle name Nzinga; which  is the name given to her at birth by her father, because in her, he could see a reflection of her namesake – Queen Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba, West Africa,  a woman of strength, courage, grace and beauty.

Due to congenital dermal melanocytosis, Debra was likened to a Zebra; hence her Auntie Heather gave her that name at 3 months old.

Her dual persona reflects her mixed heritage as a British-born Caribbean; it is this blend that makes her performances so magical and mystical.  Her enchanting voice together with her thought provoking words, takes you on your own personal journey within a subtle dream.

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