[i] As a child I was often misunderstood by adults who thought that I spoke in riddles, resulting in me undergoing various tests over my life. Having undergone both the Biggs Myers and Jung personality tests it has been determined that I am INFJ: Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging which make up less than 1% of the world’s population. Common character traits that are relevant to my art are that INFJ’s are word mechanics, astonishingly good orators, whose prevailing functions are feeling and intuition. This combined with me also having high functioning low latent inhibition is the reason why it has been hypothesised that I think simultaneously in feelings/intuition, images (both moving and static) and words, and all these things are the same to me.

[ii] I feel and feel and absorb other people’s emotions and filter the world through intuition

[iii] To explain low latent inhibition, I need to first explain that Latent Inhibition is the term used to describe how observation of a familiar stimulus takes longer to acquire meaning than a new stimulus. With low latent inhibition an individual almost treats familiar stimuli in the same manner as new stimuli, for example, think of the details that you notice when you see something for the first time, how it grabs your attention and the questions that arise in your mind, the more you answer the questions the more you understand the new stimulus, and the more you understand the new stimulus, the more logical connections you can make between the stimulus and others around it. With low latent inhibition, that is occurring with everything all of the time; by nature my brain proliferates “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?” until I get to the root cause of anything, everything (rules, thoughts, a person’s intentions, a person’s actions, equipment, machinery, society, nature etc). For this reason I am very good at problem solving, data analysis, creativity, artistic expression etc, this combined with my INFJ personality type has led to my Queen’s Award Winning Company NINE RED Presents… (CIC) all of its projects and all of its achievements. My LLI is classified as high functioning because it is accompanied with an IQ of over 130 which leads to high creativity; an IQ level below 130 leads to a range of mental illnesses due to the brains inability to handle the constant processing of stimuli.