A Life Interrupted

Drama Therapy

“A life interrupted” is a drama therapy project that uses creative practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change, by combining artistic expression with psychological awareness led by therapists experienced in both areas.

Verbatim Theatre

The work produced by this project will form  a  Theatre piece, produced and performed by the project beneficiaries, which will be one of the parts in the larger play “I Can See What The Dark Looks Like”.

Creative Art Therapy

Beyond the final play, the  creative practices learnt can  be incorporated into the participants lifestyle. This project:-

  • Empowers participants to build a brighter, safer future;
  • helps participants work towards recovery personal and social meaning;
  • provides a safe space for participants to explore their potential, raise confidence, self-esteem and well-being;
  • facilitates the development of individual participants as well as the group to recover their identities removed from perceived or actual social expectations of these
  • highlights to the wider community, specifically employers and educators that these are strong, capable individuals who can, have and will achieve remarkable things despite their respective conditions.

drama therapy


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