Multimedia Fiction – First they laughed, now it’s a trend

How I got my Multimedia Fiction on.

I was confident when I walked into that meeting.  I had done my research, sourced other funding opportunities and I really believed that this programme I had joined would be the place where it all came together.  Could I be anymore wrong?

She said, if I believed in my writing; then I wouldn’t need images and that perhaps I should go on a writing course.  This broke me.   I sat in my car.  My car was parked under the viaduct, I could hear the traffic above, thudding over a bump in the road.  Each thud like an echo of the blow that I received in that room.  I couldn’t feel any more worthless, talentless, less abled.

My writing was not the issue, the problem was her lack of imagination.

It was one of the professors that reminded me, I’m a published author.  My writing was not the issue, the problem was her lack of imagination.  A picture tells a thousand words, but by adding words you get an explosion.  Playing around with the layout of the words and how they appear on the screen provides cascading layers of meaning. See the example below.


Two years later, I am writing a novel, a flash fiction series that is an autobiographical novel about Luton.  I am doing some research into flash fiction when I stumble upon Commaful – a multimedia fiction platform and I am home.  A community of like-minded people who celebrate this emerging art form that is growing day by day.

Quick fast bursts of information attract young adults and teenagers, who are less interested in traditional books and magazines.   Multimedia Fiction allows all kinds of writers to tap into audiences that were not previously in their radar.

Multimedia fiction applies to other types of writing also such as poetry, prose, thoughts and flash fiction,  as well as being applicable to all genres, romance, horror, sci-fi.  I am using Multimedia fiction with my play “I Can See What The Dark Looks Like”

Below are some examples of my work and decide for yourself whether multimedia fiction is an emerging trend.







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