Straight Outta Luton (Luton Uprising)

From the Collateral Beauty Poetry Collection by Naz Knight

Straight Outta Luton is based on the experiences of Luton artists, it all stories, all voices, all words; spoken, unspoken and hidden and brought to light. 

Bringing to the fore the voices of those misunderstood as angry, uncompromising and obstreperous, for these voices, this voice, my voice should be defined as the passionate cry bore out of frustration of powerless people whose voices remain unheard.

Straight Outta Luton (Luton Uprising) from minute 11:03

“We are no longer compromising, we are Luton, we are rising”

Naz Knight, Straight Outta Luton, From the Collateral Beauty Poetry Collection

Straight Outta Luton is saying do not come to Luton saying “I know this”, “This is the solution” its saying come seeking knowledge, for it is only in this way that we are able to start with some facts outside of your perspective, and we can all see how we got here and that is essential for us.

“You want to come along and enjoy the ride, But this is not a temporary project, this is our life, You stay for the promotion and money, then move on, What you leave remains extinct,  long after you’ve gone.”

Naz Knight, Straight Outta Luton, From the Collateral Beauty Poetry Collection

Arts in Luton feels like a system that has created winners and losers regardless of what they do. This is the way that arts in Luton has redistributed opportunities and resources based on nothing other than the personal agenda of the people that run the programmes.

“A culture that’s expressive that never allowed to be expressed, Frustrated angry voices, sick and tired of being suppressed, Air dropped in artists and only mainstream style events, Patronising projects they call “artistic development”, Not a made for measure programme, but a reboot of something of a shelf, That provide artists with every opportunity, except the opportunity to be themself”

Naz Knight, Straight Outta Luton, From the Collateral Beauty Poetry Collection

Developing Luton artists is a priority in Luton, so projects are created with the veneer of having Luton artists in mind because that’s where the funding is; this does not mean however, that those individuals running those projects truly have this as their core objective . If so, why have so many air dropped in artists when Luton has so much talent?

Its not about coming hear and talking to us, at us. Its about letting the art come from us and us defining ourselves. This is the reason that the GAP project exists, its for us, by us and Straight Outta Luton!

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