The People’s Launch: People Power Passion (June)

People Power Passion (June) – The People’s Launch: Commission For Luton Borough Council

    My vision for People Power Passion (June) – The People’s Launch. 

    Is an immersive and spectacular Spoken Word Experience that provides a platform for all stories, all voices, all words; spoken, unspoken and hidden to come to light. Including the voices of those misunderstood as angry, uncompromising and obstreperous; for these voices can just as easily be understood as the passionate cry bore out of frustration of powerless people whose voices remain unheard.

    This series of Spoken Word events explores the hidden voices of the currently unemployed and how diversity –  Visible as well as Invisible Disabilities; Class;  Gender and Sexuality,  Race and Religious backgrounds – have affected their ability to be employed and access education.

    What inspired me about the theme of People Power Passion (June) and the 1919 Peace Riots

    People, Power, Passion (June) Is Luton.  It  encapsulates and highlights the essence of who we are:- a people who will fight for the rights of the underdog; people who will join together to help feed the starving, help home the homeless and fight for the rights of all Luton citizens.

    It also highlights the fact that we are a people who are proud of our town, proud of our heritage and proud of who we are.  It also explores our creativity, energy and laughter which sometimes can be lost on people from outside of town.


    Luton is a town with an enormous and overwhelming sense of community togetherness.  Luton is a community that rises to face adversity, we support each other, we stand together and we fight for each other.

    No matter the issue, the cause or the challenge;  it’s guaranteed within Luton, there will be a community group or individual, grassroots or otherwise that will be there to lead the charge in providing support or helping gain justice.

    This is one such project; forged by a creative team of Luton residents.  Residents who have experienced unemployment and low-paid incomes and who wish to give a voice to those currently unheard. This project highlights how many of the historical reasons for unemployment are still relevant in modern Luton.

    Get Involved

    This is an amazing project to get involved with.  Its for Luton by Luton and a great opportunity to show you talents.  So join us, we are still looking for participants, artists, volunteers, and audiences.  Click this link and scroll to the bottom to sign up with LBC. 

    People Power Passion (June) Naz Knight

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